La Napoule Art Foundation nurtures artistic talent

through Residencies and Community Outreach,

fostering the creative process as a catalyst to advance intercultural understanding.


Christopher S. Clews, Chair
  • Natasha C. Gallaway, President
  • Noele M. Clews, President Emerita
  • Henrietta T. Clews, Vice President
John C. Lamson, Vice Chair/Treasurer
Christiana E. Clews, Secretary
  • Stephanie Ansari
Rachel Brand
  • Brigitte C. Crompton
Allyson Melchor
Francis J. Mirabello
Randall R. Perkins
  • Henry A. Clews



  • Alexis Vrousos, Director
  • Tonya Quinn, Executive Director/US
  • Nelcy Mercier, Assistante de Conservation


Annual Reports


Five-Year Review 2007-2011


Marie Clews founded La Napoule Art Foundation in 1951 in memory of her husband, a prolific sculptor. It was her dream to create an international center for the arts at the Château that would promote cultural exchange and understanding.
Art is a peaceful and spiritual occupation and must flourish brightly to offset the horrors of war and maintain the balance of the human mind.

- Marie Clews

For over sixty years, LNAF has hosted performances, residencies and exhibitions at the Château de La Napoule by artists the world over. In the last decade, LNAF has expanded its impact by hosting exhibitions and community outreach programs in the United States, as well as in France.  La Napoule Art Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.