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Interdisciplinary - Spring 2014

This spring, LNAF welcomed nine artists from seven different countries to La Napoule for a four-week residency at the Château.
Maura Banfo_The Magic Box (2009)

Maura Banfo

The Magic Box
Christine Swintak_Tower of Babble (2012)

Christine Swintak

Tower of Babble

Tatiana Stadnichenko

The Juice
Felix de La Concha_Seven Brothers.Two time views. Iowa (2012-12)

Felix de La Concha

Seven Brothers – Two time views

Lydia Kann Nettler

Skye Gilkerson_Portable Horizon Mountain View

Skye Gilkerson

Portable Horizon Mountain View
Mark Baugh-Sasaki_Intimate Interactions(2012)

Mark Baugh-Sasaki

Intimate Interactions
Folawole_photo dance work at Djerassi residency


Photo Dance Work at Djerassi Residency
Carmen Veronica Steucic_ poetry reading 2010

Carmen Veronica Steuicic

Poetry Reading